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100% success rate since 2011 - Longest running and most succesful whale watching tours in Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads

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Why our tours are the best in the region:

• The ONLY dry and comfortable whale watching boat in Byron Bay
• The ONLY whale watching boat with a cabin, shelter from the sun and the wind, toilet and twin hull design for extra stability
• The only hard-body whale watching boat in the region. All other operators use open rubber boats!
• The only operator with a WHALE SPOTTER, that means more whales, shortest travel times and most active whales

• Now ONLY 10 passengers per trip! The most comfortable boat with the least amount of people!
• The most SAFETY CONSCIOUS operator in the region. We will not go out in questionable conditions.
• Move around on the boat! You will not be confined to a seat as you would with other operators. Walk around the boat as you please, stretch your legs and get up close and personal with the whales
• No other operator puts more effort into making sure you are comfortable, safe and have a quality whale trip

• Our skippers have over 30 years experience

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 1800858155.

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