Which boat is best for me?

What to look out for when choosing a whale watching operator?

The quality of your whale watching experience will greatly depend upon your choice of operator. Here are some important tips on what to look out for and which questions to ask when choosing a whale watching operator:

1. What kind of boat will I go out on? Most reputable operators will show you a photo of their boat on their website.

  • Comfort: Does the boat provide shelter from the wind and the weather? Is there a toilet onboard? Will I get wet? Will my camera get wet? Is it suitable for children and/or older people?
  • Stability: The more stable a boat, the less likely you will get seasick. This is a bit harder to find out if you are not familiar with boats. In general, catamarans (twin hull boats) are much more stable than single hull boats.
  • Accessibility: How do I enter and exit the boat? Will the entry and exit be easy for me?
  • Viewing Space and Number of Passengers: What kind of viewing platforms are provided on the boat? Will my viewing be unobstructed? How many other passengers will be on the boat sharing the viewing space with me?
  • How does Blue Bay Whale Watching compare? Our whale watching boat “Bay Warrior” is the most stable and comfortable whale watching boat in Byron Bay. Click here for more information
2. How experienced is the crew? 
  • Our skippers Rod and Mark are the most experienced boat drivers in the Byron Bay area. Rod has been a coxswain driving charter vessels for over 30 years and he first started taking out whale watching tours from Byron Bay in 1989. Mark has been driving commercial boats in the Byron Bay/ Brunswick Heads area for over 20 years, 2018 is his 10th whale watching season operating out of Brunswick Heads. Meet our crew
3. How likely are we to see whales? What is the success rate? What happens if I don’t get to see any whales? What does the “whale guarantee” really mean?
  • Our whale sighting success rate since 2011 is 100%. We are therefore happy to give a full “whale guarantee”, that means you will get a second trip for free, if you don’t get to see the whales. Your can book your second trip at your convenience, you don’t have to be on stand-by waiting for an empty spot on the boat. We will take your booking as if you were a regular paying customer.
  • Have a look at the images our customers took last year
  • Visit our Facebook page to see some of the latest photos and updates from our trips

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